Scala Hosting Review 2024: The Best Host for Your Site or Not?

In this Scala Hosting Review, we will know whether this hosting is the best host for your site. Choosing the best website hosting for your business website, blog website, or e-commerce hosting is challenging. You may be a business owner running an online store that needs a powerful dedicated server for your customers and selling products online. Alternatively, you are an avid writer who loves blogging and Needs low-cost hosting for writing and sharing your experience with others. Scala Hosting is the best Hosting Server for you. In this post, So In this Scala Hosting Review, we will cover Managed Cloud VPS, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Self-Managed VPS Hosting, etc.

We will conduct tests to analyze the speed, uptime, SRT, and load-handling capacities. Additionally, we will discuss its significant features, including UI, Domains, Backups, Security, Migrations, and Support.

I already reviewed more than 10+ website hosting providers over 11 months. I’ll compare Scala Hosting with another hosting provider to see how it is better than others and update the table to determine which quickly suits your website.

Scala Hosting Review

At the End of this Scala Hosting Review, we will also know its significant pros and cons, other suitable alternatives to Scala Hosting, and who should use Scala Hosting. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Scala Hosting Review 2024

Speed of Scala Hosting

Ease of Use


Server Uptime

Customer Support


Scala Hosting offers excellent speed, uptime, and support for their entire hosting package. The best part of Scala Hosting is that load handling capacity is terrible, and there are no extra charges for backup. Also, you can claim a 30-day money-back policy applicable to the monthly hosting plan. Read What Other People Say About Scala Hosting.

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About Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting was founded by Hristo Rusev, Vladislav Georgiev, and Lyubomir Lyubenov back in 2007 to make virtual private server hosting an accessible tool for developers, businesses, students, and large-scale teams to take advantage of in their attempts to create fantastic web pages. Thus, they put a lot of work into keeping the cloud safe, flexible, and easy to use.

Scala Hosting is located in Dallas, Texas (USA), and the data centre is in 3 different regions: 

  1. Dallas, Texas (USA)
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria (Europe)
  3. Hawthorne, New York (USA)

It currently hosts over 700,000+ websites and provides affordable VPS hosting services for everyone.

You can choose from various hosting plans at Scala Hosting, but their standout offering is their Managed Cloud VPS Hosting. This option allows you to select and customize your preferred cloud servers to meet your requirements. Additionally, Scala Hosting provides its secure technologies as part of your hosting package.

Additionally, their team of experts handles all the technical aspects of your hosting, like software updates, security, maintenance, etc. So, you can get started with no technical knowledge at all!

Scala Hosting Overview

Speed Shared Server:-4 ms London; 66 ms Mumbai
Uptime 99.99% (last 49 days)
Data Centers USA and Europe
Backups and Restoration Automated daily backups of last day Monthly charges for more backups1-click Manual Backup and Restore
Migration Free, Unlimited Migration
Customer Support Email Tickets, 24/7 Live chat, Extensive Knowledge Base
Features SPanel, Free Cloudflare CDN, Website Staging, SWordPress, Apache/Litespeed servers, 400+ apps, Unlimited Inodes, Referral Program
Developer Tools MySql, PHP, Perl, Python, NodeJS
Security Free Let’sEncrypt SSL, 2FA, SShield, SpamAssassin, CSF Firewall, ModSecurity, ClamAV Malware Scanner
Hosting Plans Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed Cloud VPS Hosting, and Self Managed Cloud VPS Hosting
Payment Methods Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer
Refund Policy 30-days Refund Policy
Pricing Starting from $2.95/month
Server Location Ohio, Virginia, Oregon (US), Montreal (Canada), London (UK), Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Ireland, Singapore, Mumbai (India), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) and Sydney (Australia).

Scala Hosting Review Video

We have created a detailed Scala Hosting Review video that helps you understand the Scala Hosting company, including pricing plans, customer reviews, Live Chat support, and more.

Scala Hosting Server Response Time

In our tests for ScalaHosting, their servers showed consistently strong results. We first checked performance officially, and the result was terrific.

Scala Hosting Server Response Time

In our second test, we chose Scala Hosting’s WP-Mini plan (shared hosting), and the performance result was excellent. However, in the Mumbai region, we received 66ms, which is the highest in the server response test, but still, it is commendable that the servers are budget-friendly.

Scala Hosting Server Response Time

Scala Hosting Speed

During this speed test of Scala Hosting, we used Fix 10GB NVME SSD and unmetered bandwidth, priced at $2.95/month. Along with this, We used the following settings.

  • Server Location:- Mumbai
  • Theme:- Generetepress
  • Plugins:- Generatepress; Generate block; WP-Rocket (For Speed Optimisation)
Scala Hosting Speed test Without any optimization scaled

First, we had a test without any optimization plugin or image compression. During this test, we received massive results we mentioned below:- 

Speed Score87%
First Byte1.52 Second
Fully Loaded2.89 Second
Page Size1.86MB

We also had a different test using proper image compression and the Wp Rocket plugin, and the result was massive. Please install only the required plugins & themes and proper image compression; using too many plugins and themes makes your website slow, so uninstall those which is not usable on your website.

scala hosting after image opitmization scaled
Overall InformationOld Test (Without Optimized)New Test (With Optimized)
Speed Score87%94%
First Byte1.52 Second0.65 Second
Fully Loaded2.89 Second2.76 Second
Page Size1.86 MB251KB

We performed multiple tests and settings and found better results than the past two-speed tests. Overall, Scala Hosting’s performance is decent and excellent. You must go with any one Litespeed, WP Rocket & FlyingPress Cache Plugins for better performance. You can also check out FastComet or HostArmada for impressive Speeds across multiple locations.

Scala Hosting Uptime

I’ve been using Scala hosting for the last four months, and I used the Uptime tool to track website uptime every 5 minutes. In the last 30 days, My team observed a quiet downtime of 0.04% for 4-5 minutes.

January 2024100%
December 2023100%
November 2023100%
October 2023100%
September 2023100%
August 2023100%
July 2023100%
June 202399.96%
May 202399.05%
April 2023100%
March 2023100%
February 2023100%
January 2023100%

Scala Hosting offered all customers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. If the server doesn’t achieve the credit for a specific duration, it is issued to their user’s accounts.

I also contacted Scala Hosting and asked them personally about the downtime of Scala Hosting; they sent me a proper email. I’m attaching a proper screenshot.

Scala Hosting Uptime

Scala Hosting Customer Review & Rating 2024

Out of over 1500+ reviews, less than 1% are negative, meaning the vast majority are positive. Trustpilot has given this hosting provider a 5-star rating, which is a rarity.

Scala Hosting Customer Review & Rating 2024

Scala Hosting provides faster servers and excellent customer support, making it a great choice for those seeking improved hosting features.

Scala Hosting Pricing

Scala Hosting offers us different plans. Let me know about all the plans included in Scala Hosting.

Scala Shared Hosting Plan

Scala Hosting offers us different plans. Let’s know about all the budget-friendly plans included in Scala Shared Hosting. Each plan is defined in four different pricing options you can select per your requirements. Here are the pricing details for Scala Shared Hosting.

WP-Mini: This is the entry-level hosting plan in Scala Hosting. It costs you around $2.95 monthly. In this plan, you can host one domain with 10 GB NVMe SSD Storage and Standard Security. Also, there are no Free Domain names in this plan. You can choose this if you are a beginner with low-end website traffic.

WP-Start: Recommended hosting plan from Scala Hosting; you can install an unlimited website and 50GB fixed NVMe SSD Storage. You also get premium features like free domain names and real-time malware protection. It costs you around $5.95 monthly; it’s a perfect selection if you have 2-7 websites.

WP-Advanced: If you are looking for top-priority support, real-time malware and a free domain name. Then this plan is a perfect selection for you. This plan costs you around $9.95 monthly, and you can install an unlimited website with 100GB of Storage and unlimited Bandwidth.

Entry Cloud:– This is an excellent plan with the highest speed and security. This plan gives dedicated resources with two core CPUs and 2 GB RAM. This plan costs around $14.95 monthly if you use an annual or 36-month plan. You can have unlimited domain installation and 50 GB of upgraded NVMe SSD storage.

All plan comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

shared hosting price

Scala AWS Hosting Plan

Scala hosting also offers an AWS Managed Server, and the pricing is below:-

AWS Hosting price

Scala VPS Hosting Plan

Scala VPS Plan

Scala Hosting Customer Support

Scala Hosting offers excellent support after the sale. There are three ways to ask for support: Live Chat, Email and ticket. Live chat support is too good; we tried, and connecting with them takes only 12-15 seconds. After the joining of the agent, the revert is too good; we are attaching a GIF & Image For you.

Scala Hosting Customer Support
Scala Hosting Customer Support

Scala Hosting Pros & Cons


Free Website Migration and Unlimited Migration.

Get a free SSL Certificate to make your website secure.

No Downtime: Scala Hosting takes the guarantee and monitors it constantly.

Offer Regular Backups.

Offer White Label hosting.

Free Domain Name. (Save Upto 13USD)


It’s important to note that the renewal rates for hosting with this provider are slightly higher than their introductory rates. For example, if you choose their Start shared hosting plan and opt for a three-year term, you’ll pay an introductory rate of $5.95 per month; however, the renewal rate after the initial term will be $8.95 monthly. To save money, you should choose a longer duration for your hosting plan.

Top Alternative of Scala Hosting

Final Thoughts


Does Scala Hosting offer free website migrations?

Yes, Scala Hosting offers unlimited free website migration. You must Sign up for their hosting plans and contact the Scala Hosting Customer support team for free migration.

I’m a beginner; which hosting plan should I choose from Scala Hosting?

If you are heading to a tight budget, you can start with shared or WordPress hosting from Scala Hosting, as their pricing plans will be $2.95 monthly.

Scala Hosting is the best choice if you’re looking for security, fast loading time, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. Scala Hosting offers Managed VPS Hosting, and its pricing starts at $29.95 monthly.

What if I’m not happy with Scala Hosting Services?

Scala Hosting offers a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of cancellation. You can request a refund from Scala Hosting for any plan mentioned on the entire Scala Hosting website. No matter whether you sign up monthly, yearly, or Three-yearly.

What If I’m a Software Developer? Is Scala Hosting good for me?

Yes, Scala Hosting is a perfect selection for you. It supports MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python and NodeJs. Scala Hosting is a hosting option that is particularly friendly towards developers.

Is there any extra hidden cost?

No, There is no hidden cost with Scala Hosting plans. Also, the renewal plans are higher than the first-year signup, so purchase 36-month plans. It helps you to save enough money.

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