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We assist in setting up your blog & Website for FREE to provide the correct configuration and the best tools for blog growth. We aim to create an equal opportunity for beginners.

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Why Choose Us To Build a Successful Blog

We are pleased to announce that our free setup services are now available to all blog owners, providing them with a smooth and hassle-free WordPress experience. You’ll be provided with all the tools to kick-start your blog easily!

WordPress Installation & Setup:- First, our team will Install WordPress Software with Proper configuration. Once our team installs WordPress, you can check your website using the search engine.

Perfect Design For Your Blog: – After completing the WordPress installation, we will select a theme and finalize the layout and design of your blog or website to give it a fresh look.

SEO Setup & Guidance:- We are a team of professionals who will handle your new award-winning blog’s SEO setup. We can also help you rank your articles on search engines.

Be Always Fast:- Ensuring website speed is crucial to us, so we carefully choose lightweight themes & plugins and steer clear of free ones.

Take Care Of Your Website Security:- Rest assured that we will take charge of setting up your blog, providing continuous website security, offering unwavering support, and ensuring regular communication.

Support & Guidance:- We don’t just set up your blog and security; we also provide dedicated client support and content to help you solve queries.

How can I enrol in the Free Blog & Website Design Process?

Follow the steps below to enrol for your free website design & Blog setup application.

Domain + Hosting

You need Domain and Web Hosting to host your blog and run your website. Domain stands for your website address on the internet, and web hosting stands for where you can upload your website files like Images, articles and videos.

It would help if you had both domain + Hosting. With this, we could go live with your website. You can contact us and read our post on how to start a blog.

For your free website design and blog setup, we require our readers to sign up with our partner web hosts. Our experts select these companies; we use their services personally, blogs and websites. This way, you get perfect Hosting for your blog and website, which you will pay for anyway. It will not cost you extra; we receive a small commission from our partner’s web hosting for referring a new client. You are also eligible for additional perks and discounts as our readers.

Choose any web hosting provider below and sign up using our web link.

Free Domain Included

Scala Hosting currently hosts over seven lakhs Plus website and provides budget-friendly VPS hosting service to everyone. Scala Hosting was founded by Hristo Rusev, Vladislav Georgiev, and Lyubomir Lyubenov back in 2007 to make virtual private server hosting an accessible tool for developers, businesses, students, and large-scale teams to take advantage of in their attempts to create fantastic web pages.

Thus, they put a lot of work into keeping the cloud safe, flexible, and easy to use. You can choose from various hosting plans at Scala Hosting, but their standout offering is their Managed Cloud VPS Hosting. This option allows you to select and customize your preferred cloud servers to meet your requirements. Additionally, Scala Hosting provides its secure technologies as part of your hosting package.

Free Domain Included

DreamHost is an exceptional hosting provider that caters to individuals who clearly understand their requirements. They offer sophisticated and high-performing hosting services ideal for scaling websites and applications across various hosting options such as shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting. While we admire DreamHost’s extensive features, we acknowledge that beginners or hobbyist developers may be unwilling to invest extra money to benefit from the exceptional performance, optimization, and managed services DreamHost offers.

InMotion Hosting Logo Free Domain Included

InMotion Hosting is well-equipped to handle projects of any size, providing various hosting options, including shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting. Its preconfigured plans are diverse and easy to set up, making them suitable for individuals and enterprises. The higher-tier shared hosting plans offer unlimited site creation and NVMe storage quotas, making them particularly appealing to agencies and developers. This feature allows users to build multiple websites within a single plan without additional log-ins or plan purchases.

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