How To Buy a Domain Name: 2023 Guide

Your website design is perfect, but it will only help if people can find your website on search engines from their computer or smartphone. You want everyone to view your website; before that, you must assign a domain name. This process is straightforward and takes little time. You can easily do this even if you’re a beginner. To learn How to Buy a Domain Name, follow this guide, decide your domain name, and pay for it.

Changing your domain name at any time is possible, but I strongly advise against it. Choosing the right domain name at the beginning is crucial because it will be the web address you will have to stick with for the lifetime of your website. Therefore, take your time to choose a suitable and memorable domain name that reflects your brand or business.

How To Buy a Domain Name

Domain Name Explained

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a short string of text that serves as an address for a website. It is used instead of an IP address (i.e:-, which most people find difficult to remember. Generally, people are familiar with domain names corresponding to their favourite websites. A domain name is how you identify a website, whether you type specific names like “” or search for them instead of

Domain Name Structure

It does not matter which domain structure or extension you choose to display your website.

Domain Name:- Use any string of characters. For example, “digitalpresso”. Also, select easy to remember the name. Avoid numeric and special characters.
Prefix:- Internet protocol (HTTPS:- Standard, Not Secure and HTTPS:- Secured)
Hostname:- “www” represents a website.
Top Level Domain (TLD):-Extensions such as .com, .in, .us, co, Etc.
How To Buy a Domain Name, Domain Name Structure

How to choose the right domain extension (Suffix)

As per the latest stats, almost 1,603 top-level domains are available, and more than 704,482,752 domain names are registered till 13 Nov 2023. 99% of people consider only a few domain name extensions like .com, .org, .net, .in or a local like .us, .uk, Etc. Choosing the right domain extension is an essential part of your site.

People aim to choose a .com extension; this is the most popular TLD, and successful companies have their sites use these kinds of top-level domains. However, getting a short and memorable domain name with a .com extension is getting hard because of its high popularity and purchase by other people.

Stay calm if you can’t get domain name for your blog or website. You go with a domain name. Here are a couple of popular TLDs that you can consider.

Com:- Com stands for commercial. This domain extension is typically used for commercial sites but can also be used for personal blogs.
Net:- stands for network, those type of domain name used for any website. This commonly replaces someone who can’t get their domain name in the .com version.
Org:- stands for organization, great for NGOs, Non-Profit Institute & companies, and my recommendation is not for any business.
.in, .us, .ca, .uk, Etc.:- this domain name represents their country and local business.

Buying a domain name with a registrar

You can register the domain name after knowing about the domain and the extension. To buy a domain name, you need to go to the domain registrar’s website, where you can find and check the availability of your selected domain name and purchase this if available.

Usually, people go to the domain registrar to purchase only the domain name and update their hosting nameserver to host the website. As I’m a content creator, 100s of plans are weekly and monthly, some related to domain name type, and I use a domain registrar to secure my domain name so that no one can book this domain name for now. I used that domain name in future as I planned in my mind. Using one domain registrar is an excellent option for handling multiple domain names.

Another Option is to register a domain name with your web hosting company. As you go with my recommendation, you are eligible for the free domain name for the first year. That means you can save up to $15. We also know about How to grab a free domain name later. 

In this guide, we choose the top 3 domain registrars so that you can learn how to buy a domain name.

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Square Space Domains

Recently, Google Domains and Square Space signed an agreement where all the domains registered by Google Domain will now managed by Square Space Domain from 2023. You can buy a Domain Name from Square Space.

To Register your domain name, follow the instructions:-

Square Space Domains
Head over to
Search your desired domain name, and hit add to cart.
Click on popup continue to checkout on right side of your screen
Now, Create your account and log in to your account. You can continue with your Google Account, Apple account and mentioned account.
Fill Your Name, Email, Contact Number, Address and click on Save and Continue.
You are at Second Final Step Just enter your credit card detail, billing details and hit the button of Save and Continue to go review section.
After Review your account just make the and grab your domain name.

🥳🥳🥳 Ta-Da! Your Domain Name is successfully purchased.

GoDaddy Domain: 21+ million customers

With over 21+ Million Domain Registrars, one of the world’s most popular domain name registrars is GoDaddy. Whenever you think about domain names, choose GoDaddy to search for domain availability. People love GoDaddy because of their simple interface and process. That’s is why they can register 21+ million domains registered.

To Register your domain name with GoDaddy, Follow the Instruction mentioned below:-

GoDaddy Domain- 21+ million customers
Head over to
Now, search your domain name in upper box and click on search Domains.
Select your search domain and another alternative. You will get an option after clicking on search domains. Once you choose your selected domain name, click the add to cart button.
After finalizing and adding your desired domain name to a cart, you will be redirected to an additional privacy section to add domain privacy, protection, and different offers and packages. You can choose it as per your requirements.
Now, you are ready to review your order and the duration of your domain. You can select one year or more then it as per your requirement. Once you decide to go, click on “I’m ready to pay” button, after that, enter your billings details and add your payment mode then click on Review Order and the Continue to Purchase button.
Once you make your domain name booking payment, you will receive an email and a successful message.

✌️✌️✌️Ta-Da! You Learned How to purchase a Domain Name From GoDaddy…!


Namecheap is the second-largest (16.5+ Million) domain registrar in the world. Namecheap offers free privacy protection, domain name security, Support, Full DNS Access and a detailed knowledge base for your help and time-saving.

Learn how to purchase domain names from Namecheap.

Namecheap, Namecheap Domain Registration
Head over to
Now, search your domain name in upper box and click on search Button.
Select your search domain and another alternative. You will get an option after clicking on search domains. Once you choose your selected domain name, click the add to cart button.
After finalizing and adding your desired domain name to a cart, you will be a option of checkout which appear end of your screen. Click On checkout and redirected to shopping cart page.
You can add additional add-ons with privacy protection on the Shopping Cart page. You can add them as per your requirements. Once you are ready to go, click on “Confirm Order” button.
After confirming your order, you must create or sign in to your account. You can fill out the signup form to log in. To create your account, you must fill in your Username, Name, Email, Password, Contact Number, and Address. After filling in all the details, Click the “Continue” Button.
You are now on the WHOIS Information page. You can review this page, ignore it, and click the “Continue” Button.  
Now that you are at the Payment page enter your card details, review Renewal Settings for Your Purchase and click “Continue”. You have reviewed all the details again last time. Once You are ready, click on Pay Now or checkout with PayPal. After making the payment, you booked your domain name from Name Cheap. 

✌️✌️✌️Ta-Da! You Learned How to purchase a Domain Name From NameCheap…!


Registering a domain is relatively straightforward; you do not need technical knowledge or web experience to secure your desired domain name. However, since so many domain name registrars and hosting companies offer domains, you should review all of the options before committing.

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